Monday, March 27, 2006

Reasons to see V for Vendetta
• The cinema is outrageously expensive but the big screen is about worth it. Better still, find an IMAX place!
• Worth buying the DVD when it comes out so you can hear the dialogue again.
• The novel’s author may not like the rewrite updating it from Thatcherite Britain but the story needs to be told today. One hopes that the anti-state lesson, also in Revenge of the Sith (search the blog) and something that fans of this genre devoured in ‘The X-Files’, isn’t quickly forgotten this time.
• That said it weaves divers elements well: it isn’t wholly nicked from 1984 or the latest headlines.
• Good balance between intellectual content and good summer-film fare (choreographed fights, blowing sh*t up).
• It’s violent. This isn’t a pacifist blog.
• It’s always good to see Stephen Fry. Anybody who quotes the Prayer Book for the title of his autobiography earns points. He and his character are non-believers but I can easily imagine either as high-church!
• A work doesn’t have to agree entirely with me or the faith to be good art or make a valid point. There’s homosexuality but it’s not gratuitous or overplayed.
• I was amused that the corrupt Church of England bishop was straight! That and the gaggle of priests walking around wearing black stoles for no reason.
• Natalie Portman here resembles the likewise but differently lovely Renée Zellweger: accent coaches, real-life Henry Higginses, do amazing work (listening to an actor’s real voice and then figuring out mechanically how to teach one to move one’s mouth to copy the phonemes, bits of sound, of the ‘target’ accent for a good imitation) but you can tell she isn’t English.
• Recommended related works: read 1984 and see Sir Ian McKellen’s 1930s-themed Richard III.
• Spoiler (have fun):

.yrots eht devres ti tuB .tnemailraP fo sesouH (cilohtaC ylticilpmi) cihtoG suollevram s’niguP dna s’yrraB ot neppah taht gniees ekil t’ndiD

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