Monday, April 17, 2006

Atheist and agnostic message-boards suck too
It’s not just a problem among Christians!

Probably like Unitarian covered-dish suppers, etc. All of the banality and even nastiness of church with few if any of the virtues.

I imagine at least some on them are like the late ‘Star Trek’ creator Gene Roddenberry: back-handed believers (‘I know he exists but I hate him!’) who think atheism is a great way to annoy their parents and/or excuse to be rude, steal and screw around.

As I’ve mentioned before it seems that many kids on the autistic spectrum feel alienated from God because of their alienation from people and so it’s not a pose: they’re angry and in a science-geek way are agnostics or atheists. A lot are goths as well.

But some of the best scientists, from Copernicus and Pasteur to Stanley Jaki, have been believers. (C and J were/are clerics.) Perhaps because the best admit there are things they just can’t know.

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