Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cardinal Martini on abortion
• Of course he’s dead wrong.
• As he is on condoms and Aids.
He got his red hat from John Paul the Overrated. Draw your conclusions.
He laments the fact that the state cannot differentiate between punishable crimes and those which are not convenient to pursue with penal sanction.
Here he sounds rather libertarian (unenforceable laws are dumb laws) but his argument fails because it violates the harm principle (my freedom ends where somebody else’s harm begins) and I don’t think the cardinal wants to repeal all murder laws, which logically his position could be used for. (And, heading for a final frontier, legalised infanticide, a reversion to pagan Rome*, which ethicist Peter ‘Doing Animals Is OK Too’ Singer supports.)

I’ve speculated that like with usury the magisterium may have some room to boogie around in future regarding technologies that give life rather than take it — but not conceding on any of the sexual issues in ways people want to hear — but the church wisely stands against ‘sex without babies and babies without sex’ as a former friend has put it, against a future that sounds like dystopian science fiction. People forget that having children is not a right.

*They believed in ‘every child a wanted child’ and if the paterfamilias didn’t want you, hard cheese.

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