Thursday, April 13, 2006

From blog member Lee Penn
Mr Bush’s minders play the RC neocons like Keith Richards does his guitar
Glarf! The culture-warriors on the right aren’t necessarily or even often on the side of the angels. Pass the sick-bag...
Only in its third year, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast has become one of the premier events for Catholics in the nation. Close to 2,000 people attended this year’s breakfast held Friday, April 7 at the Hilton Washington in Washington, D.C.... President Bush spoke for the second year in a row...

The President struck his own rhetorical blow against the dictatorship of relativism. “In some of the most advanced parts of our world, some people no longer believe that the desire for liberty is universal,” Bush said. “Some people believe you cannot distinguish between right and wrong. The Catholic Church rejects such a pessimistic view of human nature, and offers a vision of human freedom and dignity rooted in the same self-evident truths of America's Founding. . . . Freedom is a gift from the Almighty, and because it is universal, our Creator has written it into all nature. To maintain this freedom, societies need high moral standards. And the Catholic Church and its institutions play a vital role in helping our citizens acquire the character we need to live as free people.”
The man admits he doesn’t read newspapers. Search the blog for ‘Abu Ghraib’ for example.

And by the way, the reigning Pope opposes the war on Iraq.

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