Friday, April 21, 2006

From David’s Daily Diversions
Wishing HM the Queen a very happy birthday (her official photo*)
Here is a recent blog comment from me on her

Side note: It’s interesting how her speech, still marvellously cut-glass, has relaxed and become more natural today without going Estuary on us. In her own way she’s kept up with the times. In the 1950s she would have given one of her famously vicious corgis a ‘pet’ on the ‘hid’ but now gives them a ‘pat’ on the ‘head’ like we would. There’s an article on that somewhere online — Google and ye shall find.

Update: From Whitehall, a picture of the Queen at her 1953 coronation with +Ebor (later +Cantuar) Michael Ramsey. See the Anglicanism, now long on the wane, that introduced me to the Catholic faith.

*From Brian Underwood’s new blog.

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