Wednesday, April 12, 2006

From Fr James Tucker
El problema de inmigración ilegal a los Estados Unidos

A big row right now with a lot of protests from well-meaning liberal Christians and of course a hot topic in Europe as well at least since Enoch Powell as a recent riot in France showed. I suspect this furore is a distraction from the Bushites, appealing to the worst nativist/racist fears of their constituencies as they are wont to do. A country’s first obligation is to its own*, and a country, even a super-sized one, can only handle so many new people at a time (wherever they come from) but I like the libertarian idea (no surprise there) that anybody should be welcome who is willing to work (which these people are).

Strictly speaking this graphic is true! I dare say if I lived a la frontera I’d routinely break the law and try to help these newcomers any way I could. (The corporal works of mercy.) And of course an unenforceable law is ipso facto a stupid one.

And as I’ve said before, more believing Catholic people are a good thing!

As Stephen Greenhut wrote in a parody:
We don’t want to be stinking Americans, with our kids talking like valley girls.
Y su idioma es bello y muy fácil para aprender con un sonido mejor que el inglés. Si no entiende, ¡aprenda!

*Bushites: ‘Unless you’re spying for the Israelis or are devout Muslims we want to make money off of, even if you persecute Christians and some of your citizens did 9/11 — then you get a free pass.’

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