Friday, April 21, 2006

From the LRC blog
Sunset on the Anglos
• The American Southwest was stolen from Mexico to begin with.
• How the West was won: not just with guns! Once upon a time, Anglo-Americans were more prolific than the Hispanics.
• For some balance to the racist and anti-Hispanic cultural overtones of this kind of argument read Fred Reed on being a happy expat in laissez-faire Mexico and the story of the San Patricios.
So now, after being dominated by Anglo culture for a mere 150 years, the Hispanics will soon come up with the numbers they've long needed to control the Southwest, and return it ... to its much older Hispanic path. While the Hispanics are having children, the Anglos are too busy watching TiVo with their three golden retreivers to bother with sustaining their own civilization.
It’s natural religion (Hindu karma for example) reinforced by scripture (‘For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind’, Hosea/Osee 8:7, a lesson repeated by God himself in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7): what goes around comes around.
And overall, the day of Anglo civilization is moving quickly to the grave. They'll be replaced in Northern Europe, and they'll be replaced in North America. The Anglos here should at least be happy they're being outnumbered by Christians and not by Muslims* interested in Sharia law. Soon, Anglo-Saxon civilization will be but a footnote in history.
And if that’s true, things ranging from common law, tolerant conservatism (search the blog) and the idiom of the old Prayer Book to Samuel Smith beers, the art of change-ringing and ironic humour will be lost. And that will be very sad indeed.
It was a good run, but the game is up.
Which is what’s happened to the Catholic Movement in the Anglican Communion, which around 1930 almost had a ‘Catholic moment’. (Imagine throngs of ordinary people on a bridge in London or in the Albert Hall singing, ‘Hail Mary, full of grace’. It happened briefly.) Then that year the Church of England sold out on contraception and it’s all been downhill since**.

*The Mormons of Orthodoxy.

**Bumps on the long slide down include the Pike trial, the attempted ordination of women and the consecration of Gene Robinson, all of which were important. The worst IMO, cutting across all churchmanships that are still Christian (Catholic, Central and Low), was acquitting James Pike of heresy around 40 years ago, which meant from henceforth you could be an Anglican bishop and theologically not be a believing Christian! (Yes, Talleyrand was an atheist. The church didn’t tell him that was OK!) The other things are merely heretical like the ‘Reformation’ — Pike was an apostate.

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