Friday, April 14, 2006

From LRC
The quiet death of freedom

On bad writing

I can’t complain — it pays my bills. My secular calling is to stop it being printed!

Muzak isn’t what you think
It’s changed and not necessarily bad — its effect now as cool ‘foreground music’ (not Mantovani and sambas) is simply part of why so many including me love music! But the old objections are still partly true — it can be like ‘soft-sell’ visual advertising (what’s the hot girl or the smiling old couple in the advert to do with the computer or mortgage service being sold?), psy-ops manipulation to part you with your money. Abusus non tollit usum. Fun fact, which may reinforce the old, bad image of the company: they’re based in what used to be Jim Bakker’s Heritage USA.

As Fr Joseph Huneycutt notes:
With Internet services such as Haloscan, AOL, and MSN, one can't help but notice the continual barrage of unwanted images disguised as advertising. Recently I've even witnessed some dancing bikini-clad gal supposedly pushing mortgages. Haloscan and other services will often advertise diets and dating services using pics of females that have, it would seem, never needed either. Their come-hither looks would almost be comical were it not for their intrusion. It do get old.

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