Thursday, April 13, 2006

From Sacramentum Vitæ
Driven out of the priesthood
Apparently for being on the right side. John Nesbella may have been tactless but it seems the gay-priest scandal claims another victim. Squalid mess. Those dioceses deserve to go bankrupt as indeed at least one has.
Now, the former priest says he remains in Lilly but is looking for a job and considering eventually going into ministry with the Eastern Catholic Church, which is more conservative than the Roman Catholic rites.
There’s more than one and they’re not all Byzantine Rite but largely true. However, these games go on there too. And below the surface they aren’t different enough to the Novus Ordo. I’m not optimistic that one of their bishops would take him after what happened, unfair as it was.
Nesbella blames Vatican II and the resulting liberalization of Roman Catholic rites and customs.

The Eastern Catholic Church is one of 22 different rites under the pope, and Nesbella is eyeing a future there.

“Their liturgy and Mass are different. It’s more focused on God, and the Mass is much more beautiful,” he said.
True but there’s some lazy journalism here: I think the writer means what used to be called the Ruthenian Church, now called the Byzantine Catholic Church though there are several Byzantine Rite Catholic churches (called ‘Greek Catholic’ in Eastern Europe and the Near East and by the older generation in Pennsylvania). And in the rite’s lingo, the Liturgy is the Mass. The other liturgical prayer of the church, the office, is called the Hours there. (The Orthodox do them; few Byzantine Catholic places do.)

The only perfect justice is in cælo; it seems that John Nesbella, sacerdos in æternum, has his cross to bear here.

P.S. As a believer in the English brand of tolerant conservatism I’m in no way advocating a witch-hunt of priests because of orientation! But that doesn’t mean excusing the rapes and cover-ups that went on in these cases. Also, tolerant conservatism assumes a homosexual is trying to live up to the teachings of the church, which apparently these men harassing JN weren’t/aren’t, about which they were/are not only indiscreet but ‘in your face’. (Non serviam.) As a matter of discipline the church can limit ordination to heterosexuals but that doesn’t mean it necessarily should.

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