Sunday, April 16, 2006

From Slate
The bones of Jesus?
I thought this would be some hip denial of the Resurrection rather like ‘Yes, Virginia, what really matters is the story makes us feel good so we’re nicer’ but to her credit the Revd Chloe Breyer while veering close doesn’t fall into that

Looking back...

More Protestants keep Lent
Wonderful! (Discounting Modernist/Broad Church relativistic appropriation of religious things without taking on board their meanings, the beliefs they stand for, a mainline Protestant game.) Traditionally many used to fast including abstaining from meat on Fridays* and that’s made a comeback. Richard Foster’s books are good.
Though a few "high-church" denominations—Episcopalians, for example—remained partial to ashes and other staples of Catholic ritual.
Such ceremonial only reappeared among some Episcopalians about 100-125 years ago.

*So much for the jokey slur that the Pope invented that and ordered the eating of fish (not true) to prop up the Italian fishing industry.

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