Monday, April 17, 2006

From what’s left of Usenet
Did Google ignore Easter?
The website "Google" who at the slightest reason artistically changes the graphics of their website logo, today failed to acknowledge the world's largest celebrated Christian holiday.
They usually come up with fun graphics to customise their banner for all kinds of obscure historical events (things like Einstein’s birthday). Have they gone PC on this one? (Some places are re-branding it a ‘spring festival’, a reversion to paganism.)

And in the West Easter isn’t the No. 1 holiday. Christmas is. Only Christians, and increasingly only churchgoers, pay any attention to Easter (it liturgically commemorates what defines Christianity, proof by faith of Christ’s divinity) but loads of secular folk do Christmas (after all, they get presents out of it). The time of year when even hard-shell Protestants give up their iconoclasm and Nestorianism and acknowledge the Incarnation by putting up statues of Jesus and Mary. (And there are Jews who love the secular aspects of it and do them.)

For the ‘post-Christian’* masses Easter seems primarily a bunny festival with sweets for the kids. That’s the impression I got from a recent conversation. One man’s reason for not observing it was that his daughter had grown up!

Among churchgoing Orthodox Easter (usually on a later date) is No. 1.

*Madonn’, I hate that expression — makes it sound like Christianity was a big hoax like Dan Brown wants you to think. Like, well, the Easter Bunny, a bit of German folklore.

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