Saturday, April 22, 2006

Воскресение Христово видевше, поклонимся Святому Господу Иисусу, единому безгрешному. Кресту Твоему покланяемся, Христе, и святое Воскресение Твое поем и славим: Ты бо еси Бог наш, разве Тебе иного не знаем, имя Твое именуем. Приидите вси вернии, поклонимся Святому Христову Воскресению: се бо прииде крестом радость всему миру, всегда благословяще Господа, поем Воскресение Его: распятие бо претерпев, смертию смерть разруши.

Happy Easter to Byzantine Rite readers from A Conservative Blog for Peace

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From Huw Raphael
Some things never change
On top of the old Greek-vs-Armenian rivalry there’s a row among the Greeks nothing to do with religion and all about Palestine and doing business with the Zionist occupiers
I've been to the Church of the Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre) and it was a life-changing event for me. I had heard all the various complaints, "commercialism, church politics etc." and when I got there prepared for the worst was happily overwhelmed by the best. The shops, pedlars hawking their wares, the noisy squabbling, even the sectarian violence is exactly how it was in Jesus' day. The place has always been troubled. Yet because of its uniqueness, you can see why, in a twisted way, so many want to own it, would even kill to do so. There is an undefinable "something" about being in Jerusalem, particularly at dawn or dusk. It is really and truly a "holy" land.

So my thoughts are these: SS. Peter and Paul had words, and squabbling began with the apostles (with Jesus present among them!), the Early Christians' councils had to find there way through debate and counicils and upsets are often with us today. But despite the political ups and downs with Greeks, Armenians, Chalcedonian/non-Chalcedonian, Jews, Muslims, Christians and whatnot, the Holy Fire
STILL comes, ever year, no matter what.
- Fr Nicholas

I know somebody who’s seen the Holy Fire miracle.

The Easter sermon of St John Chrysostom

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