Thursday, April 13, 2006

Three from LRC
The poor man’s F-16
The car bomb — after all they do the same thing

More on the Gospel of Judas and timing
Just in time for Easter

Yet more on V for Vendetta (search the blog for past entries)
...just to set the record straight about one example from the film: the British do not universally find Benny Hill funny.
I heard a few Americanisms as well but attributed them to making it easier for US audiences to understand (though most know what lift means!). The marmite must have come from the last-minute save/rewrite.

Alan Moore makes some points but regarding ‘FedCo’ I noticed in this future there was no King mentioned (which itself may mean something) so it’s not improbable there’d be no more Royal Mail. Might John Hurt’s Cromwellian/Oswald Mosleyish figure have pinched the ‘federal’ lingo of the States? After all the present US government have!

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