Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Anglican Use as Potemkin village/bait-and-switch
This just in from Paul Goings:
I do not remember now how many Masses per week or Sunday that is required for AU priests to offer using the Novus Ordo Missæ, though that may vary from diocese to diocese at the discretion of each of their bishops. It could also be that as time goes by, expect to see an increase in the number of required Novus Ordo Masses as these parishes are gradually absorbed into the Latin Rite with of course, the Novus Ordo Missæ being the norm for that Rite.
Paul writes: Apparently they’re already compromised from the start!

Potemkin himself didn’t build such villages* but apparently the RC PTB do. Traditionalists, beware.

*Nor was Catherine the Great a nymphomaniac who died from trying to have sex with a stallion.

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