Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crying for a horse
...if Americans cared as much about people as they do about horses, Sunday night’s presentation of the HBO documentary ‘Baghdad ER*’ might have actually awoken the somnolent majority of our citizenry who are as indifferent to the carnage in Iraq as they are to tax rates in Tanzania.

Sunday night’s premiere of ‘Baghdad ER’ brought the horror of an American medical hospital in Iraq’s Green Zone into full view and perfect focus. Unlike countless episodes of ‘MASH’, the only humor was gallows humor and the laughs, when they occurred, were so obviously forced that they seemed to be the only way to fight back tears.

But since the film does not include any information on how to get rich in real estate, lose weight, or buy cheap gas**, it probably won’t. And since none of the wounded or killed American soldiers hails from Great Neck, Grosse Point, or Glendale, ‘elite’ opinion will remain dormant.
From LRC.

*Casualty ward.

**Petrol, which wasn’t cheap in the UK to begin with.

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