Friday, May 19, 2006

A feminist group in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad?
NOW I’ve seen everything!
- Phœbe Buffay on ‘Friends’

Seriously, the Orthodox tradition has been blessedly free of these problems compared to Western churches. Are these legitimate differences of opinion about equity and not gender feminism, and criticising clericalism vs sacerdotalism? (In these two contrasts, the former and the latter respectively are the authentic Catholic position.) They seem so to me on the surface. Or are they really the tip of the iceberg: something sinister?

From Mere Comments
The Vineyard churches consider having women pastors
Theologian Wayne Grudem, a former member of the Vineyard movement, responds that asking those who hold to a complementarian view of gender roles to "bless" such a thing is asking believers to sin.
He echoes the impossibilist Catholic position. The improbabilist position is the other one.

Here is a photo of Orthodox proper nuns.

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