Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good-bye, ‘Will & Grace’
Search the blog for more on this programme. It could be camp and witty, approaching English comedies, in its early series (many later episodes suck) but as the writers are honest about, it was really a conventional sit-com romance that acted hip by telling lots of gay jokes/reinforcing stereotypes. (Though it’s true that there are Jacks; he is rather an archetype.)

In some of its better moments it really was about a group of friends and not ‘issues’. There was more to it than the pathetic posturing of ‘Ellen’ (‘Look at me, I’m a lesbian! Watch me, dammit!’). Ellen DeGeneres tail-spun from OK-but-not-my-thing-really non-putdown comic to loser rather quickly.


Friend Dan Fulton observed of Brokeback Mountain that hipsters didn’t go and see it; high-school English-lit teachers and their husbands did. So it was with this. I reckon the average/target audience thought they were sophisticated like the leads but were really like the Olive Garden–loving suburbanite married couple you saw a lot in the early years, the friends Will and Grace made fun of behind their backs, Rob (IIRC) and Ellen. (BTW, Leigh-Allyn Baker is hot, more so than Debra Messing or Megan Mullally.)

Oh, and you know you’re in TV-land when characters stiltedly announce they’re gay every five minutes. Yeah, my gay friends do that all the time. Sure.

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