Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Graduating student at RC college slated... for preaching Catholicism
The moral: if you want to be Catholic stay away from those places. Apparently being ‘Cat’lic’ is to do with a kind of Irishness, excelling at sport and other than that living just like others in your newly attained social class (only without the noblesse oblige*, nice Gothic architecture and the idiom of the King James Bible and the old Prayer Book that WASPs used to have). From the Revd James Konicki.

Here’s Fr Martin Fox on the little darlings.
What a bargain: At a cost of a mere $100,000 or so, a northeastern college can take your child and transform him into a delicate flower incapable of handling opinions at odds with his own. It can close his mind and vacuum-seal it against opposing views. And it can, as a bonus, perhaps make him rude and incorrigible.
- Rich Lowry

Note to Mr L of the National Review (the instrument with which CIA agent Bill Buckley betrayed real conservatism, as much as I like ‘Don’t immanentise the eschaton’): inviting warmongers like Condoleezza Rice and John McCain is as absurd as preaching contraception at an RC institution. The ‘flagrantly tattooed and pierced’ kids you mentioned are correct.

*Instead they get political correctness preached by the chaplaincy and like their mainline Protestant neighbours conclude they may as well lie in on Sundays and, in their case, not listen to crap hymns.

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