Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Or My Lai redux: Mr Bush’s speech vs reality

Lefty hawks
Been observing these strange birds since Mr Clinton was bombing Serbia (the reason LRC started) — here’s more from the LRC blog
...the hypocrisy of so-called opponents of Bush's war screaming for the US to "do something" about Darfur.... the concept of "humanitarian intervention" originates on the left... it was Bill Clinton who made humanitarian intervention and nation building a cornerstone of American foreign policy. It was only when a Texas Republican began invading nations in the name of "democracy" that the left objected. Prediction: within six months of a Hillary Clinton or Mark Warner Administration most of the so-called anti-war left will have done a 180 degree turn and will be cheerleading the exercise of American power to "democratize" the world.
Poll: Many Britons would celebrate Magna Carta anniversary as national day
Celebrating freedom not war or even empire: honouring Britain’s gifts to the world of rule of law and tolerant conservatism (search the blog) over arbitrary and absolute human power. Like Guy Fawkes Day* without the anti-Catholic stuff.

P.S. The greatest wine you’ve probably never heard of (but the Russians have) is Kindzmarauli from the country of Georgia.

*Autumn’s current bonfire and fireworks fest as readers and viewers of V for Vendetta (search the blog) know: ‘Remember, remember the fifth of November...’ The month already has Remembrance Day for peace so why not have the fireworks on the 15th June?

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