Saturday, May 20, 2006

The inner ring
By C.S. Lewis, from LRC today. Regrettably, bitch-cliques and other kinds don’t go away when you leave school and grow up. An LRC writer once wrote against the state schools that the kids naturally react against their different kinds being forced together by forming them. After that it’s just fallen human nature. I agree of course that little circles aren’t in themselves evil — just like you don’t fall in love with everybody you meet (that’d be awfully inconvenient) you aren’t friends in the fullest sense with all and sundry (the English reading this don’t need to be told that*). But what they make people do often is.

Naturally I love books like Paul Fussell’s that reveal secret codes far more useful than anything Dan Brown can dream up: these formerly unwritten rules, even the ones you already knew, confirmed on paper.

On a related subject here is Arturo Vasquez on mobile manners or lack thereof, I reckon from people who used to be called yuppies.

From the same source:

On recent wars
Fred Reed takes a page from William Lind and explains that World War II-style armies don’t work in modern guerrilla or Fourth Generation combat

Sucker art
Proving C.S. Lewis’ point
Andy Warhol was not a great artist, but he was no fool. When he died, it was discovered that with his own money, he bought traditional, representational paintings – not post-modern blotches.
*When you live on an island, reserve preserves your sanity and is a sign of respect for your neighbour’s privacy.

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