Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Lefebvrentines rubbish my LRC mentors (here and here)
Or why I’m not a parishioner of the Society of St Pius X. From Brian Underwood whose revived blog The Traditional Frog has potential.

It’s like finding out that the guy who impressively and correctly argues for ‘states’ rights’ in American politics in fact just hates blacks after all.

I’m no economist but my gut reaction is to say that for all the good the SSPX do in keeping up the Roman Mass and basic Catholic orthodoxy, they’re anti-Semites (these articles’ tone seems to confirm that — ‘Mises and Rothbard were just a couple of damn Jews!’ — though I’ve never heard them literally preach it in church) and politically living in a dream world... historical fantasy about monarchy and European fascism.

Sorry, but I’ve been told that the old religion, monarchism and anti-Semitism go together in French conservatism.

I’ve read that this French fascism of the clergy and the likewise wrong, immigrant/ethnic flag-waving, Cold War/militaristic, 1950s-nostalgic Americanism* of the laity (OK, that string of adjectives is long enough!) is a fault-line running through the SSPX in the States... or maybe something at least some of the rank and file who go to those chapels don’t really know or understand. (But I’ve met neo-Nazi laity once.)

So I’d cautiously say for now that I’m halfway between the SSPX’s retrograde position (which, just like the best intentions of leftist economics, means to be benevolent) and mild, tolerant Anglo-American classical liberalism. A reason I like Anglo-Catholicism better than this continental brand of traditionalism.

As much as I don’t like Jewish animosity towards us (and it is strong and deep), we brought it on ourselves with ghettos, pogroms, etc.

This lot aren’t helping things!

The market is neutral — the state or church can no more regulate it than there is such a thing as ‘Catholic physics’ or ‘Buddhist algebra’.

The creeds, other doctrine and the old Mass are true and good, but thinking the solution to the world’s and one’s own problems is to try to force everything to relate explicitly to the Catholic Church, as they are trying to do, sounds frankly childish and very autistic to me. It’s like steering every conversation (more) to the topic of railway time-tables, Star Wars or facts about dinosaurs! Because when you’re in the autistic spectrum and don’t know it, you’re unconsciously looking for something that ‘works’ to explain everything, to make your world make sense, to unlock doors and ‘do the trick’ socially, so to a mind on the spectrum, a time-table (or latching onto aspects of somebody’s culture) becomes like Holy Writ, LOL. (Which of course doesn’t automatically discredit using religion as a guide in life or a foundation for a coherent, comprehensive worldview. As I like to say, abusus non tollit usum, be it booze, sex or church.)

That’s why I was similarly unimpressed with the recent interview with Bishop Tissier. Lots of partisanship and sloganeering; not a lot of depth, love or spirituality.

*Trying too hard to prove something to the WASPs: ‘We’re just as American as you — more in fact!’ Cut from the same cloth as the parochial-school myth that deist and Mason George Washington was blessed with a vision of Mary at Valley Forge. A fairy story from the nuns.

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