Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Lion and the Cardinal
From Paul Goings: the blog of Catholic Daniel Mitsui. Regarding this, I understand the sentiment — it echoes Jerry Mander (ha ha) in Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television (I only actually read about half of it) and indeed the whole radical cultural traditionalism of some in the Society of St Pius X or of the Russian Old Believers (who are still around). It’s Amish-like really: everything they do is intended to keep their religious community together; modern things that aren’t seen as a threat to that are accepted (they’re not pretending it’s the early 1800s). But I can’t sign onto it in theory even though functionally I end up largely doing so anyway (most of you are probably hipper than me) — I’d be a hypocrite. (What? Never watch ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Law & Order’ again?) Some things are worth taking a stand for — doctrine and praxis in church for example. Whether one spends a few quid to see Roland Emmerich for example do what he does best — blow shit up in summer blockbusters — is morally neutral. The key words are discernment and judgement, being in the world but not of it (not the Vatican II nonsense of ‘openness to the world’; look what good that did!). Learning tolerant conservatism (search the blog) from old-school Anglo-Catholicism, for example, helps with this. Living in monastic fashion obviously isn’t for everyone.

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