Friday, May 19, 2006

Much ado about nothing
The word is out all over the ’Net. Conservative Christians gave this much free advertising by letting themselves be whipped into a frenzy. Even the lovely Audrey Tatou (she looks great with her hair like this) couldn’t get me to buy a ticket.

Apparently according to Mr Brown if you carefully study the famous painting you’ll find that they served a big, fat turkey at the Last Supper.

Spoiler: !gnihgual tuo tsrub (?sennaC ta) ecneidua eht — taht ekil gnihtemos ro ’tsirhC suseJ fo tnadnecsed gnivil tsal eht era uoY‘ ,uotaT ot syas sknaH moT — enil citcamilc s’mlif eht tA

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