Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reagan’s Navy secretary, Vietnam vet now standing for office ... as a Democrat
"When I look at where this administration has taken its own party, I cannot help but think about the pendulum of history," [Jim] Webb said. "The pendulum has swung, I think, as far as it can swing given the principles this party had once espoused."

Webb says
[George] Allen is part of an arrogant Republican majority in Washington bent on repeating in Iraq the blunders that killed so many of his buddies in Vietnam a generation ago.

He accuses President Bush, whom he backed in 2000, of betraying conservative fiscal governance by pushing the federal debt toward $9 trillion. He claims the GOP, his former party, and Allen in particular are Bush's eager accomplices.

"We really need to get back to a time when the members of Congress will stand up to an administration that is abusing its constitutional privileges," Webb said.

...columns Webb wrote criticizing affirmative action. ...Webb's long-ago writings and comments questioning women's fitness for combat.
All that sounds good to me. Search using the blog’s Amazon box for Flirting with Disaster, by an ex-career Army officer I heard speak in person, on the politically incorrect truth about women in the military.

Though I’m not a pacifist I wonder if he’s still a Reagan-era militarist.

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