Wednesday, May 24, 2006

United 93
Excellent filmmaking and a moving story worth seeing, showing what it probably was really like for those poor crew members and passengers on that plane. ‘Not an ounce of Hollywood bull’ is correct: no big-name actors, no incidental music, no stupid explanatory dialogue and no main characters to identify with (except possibly Ben Sliney, the FAA air-traffic-control boss who re-lived the day by portraying himself).

A possible drawback is that those (and I imagine they are legion) who’ve no idea why some parts of the world don’t love the American empire (my thought exactly on 9/11 when I found out what happened) will come away only with the view that Muslims are Very Bad. (And yes, these Muslims were.)

Possibly jingoistic: the Nordic-looking and sounding chap who argues that his fellow passengers should do as they’re told and all will be well.

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