Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Western Rite Orthodox experiment
Part of the Orthodox convert boomlet that appeals to Vernon Staleyish (high-church, interested in the Church Fathers but anti-papal) Anglicans. One thing I forgot to mention is a byzantinisation also found in some Anglican consecration prayers written by patristic-minded old high churchmen (but not the English Prayer Book’s*): a strong epiklesis (invocation of the Holy Ghost over the consecrated elements) along with tightening up Cranmer’s dodgy wording to make it clear the elements really become the Body and Blood of Christ. Those who use a modified Gregorian canon* also add an epiklesis* but those who know better say it’s not needed in that prayer, older than the Byzantine Rite* anaphoræ that have that, and look forward to its deletion.

Here is the WRO version* of the American Missal/1928 American Prayer Book Mass, named after St Tikhon because this tsarist Russian bishop first had the idea of using this kind of service with ex-Episcopalians.

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt.

*Scroll down to read and compare the consecration prayers.

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