Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Why Modernists don’t listen to you
From On the Silent Planet. If they argue on your terms — objective truth — they lose, but on their terms — their darling precious opinions, or ‘there are no absolutes’ taught absolutely — you lose!
...what I consider to be the essential difference between Catholics (and Orthodox) and Protestants – that of authority. If you have no infallible teaching authority, ultimately debates devolve into unassailable opinions. A traditionalist may appeal to Scripture and Tradition*, but unless he can defuse by invoking infallibility the progressive’s appeal to an evolving magisterium, then his correct evaluation of Tradition can be ignored.
Reminds me of what I read about Sister José Hobday**, who before the end of the world was a Thomist. She knows her current ideology is indefensible from traditional Catholicism so she deliberately works around that.

It’s also why talks with Broad Churchmen end up one of two ways: they refuse to answer you or you get this:

I HATE you!

This is supposed to represent Anglicanism, the tradition that inherited Oxford and Cambridge?

Then again much of the message-board peanut gallery consists of angry gay ex-RCs anyway: The Episcopal Church — We’re More Lenient Than the Church You’re Really Mad At.

*The Orthodox describe this better: Scripture is part of Tradition.

**She seems the typical age of her brand of churchman.

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