Saturday, June 24, 2006

A black convert boomlet?
• The article is a bit condescending — this venerable tradition is seen as ‘colourful and ethnic’ (as misrepresented on ‘Taxi’ and ‘Seinfeld’); isn’t that special? — and doesn’t clearly distinguish between Eastern and Oriental Orthodox* (such as Copts and Ethiopians) but to be fair the rites are similar.
• Search the blog for more on Fr Moses Berry, an Eastern Orthodox priest.
• Also search for info on Bob Marley, who renounced Rastafarianism and died in the Ethiopian Church.
• Of course Ethiopians are no more related to the ancestors of American blacks than Russians are to Spaniards (opposite ends of the continent!) but it’d be better to join an Oriental Orthodox church than apostasise to Islam! I understand the latter participated in the slave trade, so Roots notwithstanding it’s an historically ignorant choice for asserting black pride. Then again the founders of the Nation of Islam knew next to nothing about real Islam: it’s obviously a reverse-racist lodge invented by apostates from Christianity.

Photo: Three Eastern Orthodox clerics: click to enlarge

On a related note, Recognised Internet Authority™ Stuart Koehl has long noted that neo-paganism is obviously an apostate Christian creation with its ‘harm no-one’ ethics. (Or, the white middle class intellectually goes slumming with feel-good ‘white magic’, etc.) Somebody sacrificing a chicken or a person (Aztec practice) to please the sun-god is a real pagan.

*Formerly accused of being Monophysites (‘Jesus has no human nature’, the teaching of Eutyches) because of language barriers and political reasons: the Oriental Orthodox countries hated the Greeks (Eastern Orthodox) and didn’t want to be in their empire. The Greeks then declared them outside the church.

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