Saturday, June 17, 2006

Blog: What Does the Prayer Really Say?
From Fr John Zuhlsdorf, who was a Lutheran to begin with so we know he’s theologically and liturgically literate, describing objectivity and Godwardness (deprecatory language isn’t decorative), decoding mainstream church-worker gobbledygook* and showing how to type a biretta’d smiley

Change a keystroke and you get an Orthodox cleric in a skufia: {]:¬)>

On altar girls:
Has anyone told these girls yet that they cannot be priests? Like, ever?
On ‘big words’:
In Italian, the word is "calice". It isn’t a huge leap... is it? Remember. Those who say that we need to hear "cup" and those sorts of words essentially think we are are stupid.
*Evasive (‘mistakes were made’), obfuscating, patronising corporate talk, the kind of affected class Paul Fussell would have a field day with and I see as my job to eradicate from print.

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