Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The boutique church: Episcopalianism’s place in the mainline mush
...the Falls Church statement is sadly an all too typical example of what is being produced by "conservative" congregations still remaining within the PECUSA. While they correctly identify the fault line of division being between those who accept and reject the nature and authority of Scripture, and proclaim themselves to be "orthodox" (calling the American Anglican Council "orthodox" is a bad joke), in fact they identify orthodoxy with opposition to homosexuality while swallowing the camels of women's ordination, easy divorce and remarriage, contraception, etc.
And liturgical revision, Protestant views on the Eucharist, etc. They are creating the Episcopal Church, Mk II, without Broad Churchmen but without state coercion as well so it will eventually fail.
...the Episcopal Church begins its process of homosexual ghettoization. Stuart Koehl made a great reference to "Liturgy Queens" the other day and that is exactly what is going to happen. Homosexuals enthralled with the æsthetics of the sacramental rites and the intellectual cachet will flock to the Episcopal Church. Heterosexual families will drift away in twos and threes until all that remains are a bunch of stupid old hippies and gay men.

Is there hope in the broader Anglican Communion? I don't know, since the ... Church of England is infected with a lot of the same rot, and is even more desperate to shore up a disappearing membership.
I’m still thankful for the good it’s done — baptising and introducing people like me to the Catholic faith wrapped in Gothic architecture, good music, the idiom of Coverdale, Cranmer and the King James Bible, and tolerant conservatism — and hope somehow and somewhere all that will last.

How its separation from the Anglican Communion might play out
St Athanasius never proposed a two-tier fellowship with the Arian heretics.
- Ed Pacht
According to the article, and not the least bit surprisingly, Anglican liberals are quite upset. They sound like spoiled children of indulgent parents who suddenly find themselves suddenly getting punished for misbehavior previously indulged. Which they are, actually.
Now that liberals have been given a good scare by the Pope (who might actually follow through and partially repair the Mass) suddenly they pretend to care how the man in the pew feels

How to do the Mass in English.
It is possible to have, as does the pope, a genuinely liberal mind and still be a perfectly orthodox Christian, a point not seen by those who equate orthodox Christianity with fundamentalism, repression, simple-mindedness, and the like.
From Mere Comments.

On trying to go back to your own tradition and finding hardly anything left
Anthony Sacramone on rediscovering a hard-to-find Missouri Synod Lutheranism

From First Things.

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