Saturday, June 24, 2006

Entertainers: what don’t they know?
I’m not a WND fan but the insightful (and incite-ful?) Ilana Mercer has this to say about the overrated (not the sexiest woman in the world) Angelina Jolie

On the now-mainstream Marxist* belief that blacks can be absolved of responsibility for crimes (actually profoundly racist):
When speaking about crime and culpability (punishment is not an option), left-liberals like Jolie use the passive voice. Crimes are caused, not committed. Why, then, do Africans butcher, mutilate and rape their compatriots with clockwork predictability? Why do grown, Sierra Leonenean men hack off the arms of little Sierra Leonenean girls and rape them to shreds? Why is this repeated in Uganda, Sudan, the Congo, Rwanda, Somalia – you name them?

Jolie offers a tautology: It’s ‘from the violence’ – ‘they had their limbs cut off from the violence.’ Or if you find this redundancy meaningless, she whips another bunny from her hat: blame ‘drugs, perhaps.’

…When it comes to Western inaction or American stinginess (which Jolie codifies as ‘the broader picture’), our iconic brainiac is quick to recognize both evil and linear causality: “We have – we colonized them,” she stammers…”
On national leaders with a hot-line to the Almighty:
Like Idi Amin, and the Prophet of Peace before him, Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda, justifies his ...senseless slaughter with reference to a vision from God.
Like a certain adopted-Texan US president beloved by WND.
Note to Jolie: One doesn't need a multiple regression analysis to deduce that, besides endemic, age-old tribal strife, Islam** contributes more to the equation of violence in Africa than, say, lack of education. The latter makes for resignation; the former for extreme agitation.
Be that as it may, what’s it to do with us? The liberals have a point contra Mercer and WND: fix the causes of Middle Eastern anger towards us and most of the problems will go away. (Stop propping up the state of Israel and stop stationing Western troops in the Middle East.) Those few loons who do ‘hate our freedoms’ can be swatted like a fly.

(WND fans are just looking for an excuse to send Latino kids overseas to ‘kill rag-heads’, and be killed, while they can stay home and, based on the adverts on the page, have a nice wank to Ann Coulter while listening to the mellow minstrelsy of Pat Boone.)

Unsurprisingly in her inarticulate way like ‘the herd’ who adore her, though she seems admirably and correctly against the war on Iraq, Mrs Pitt is also a statist who thinks government money extorted from citizens can solve the world’s problems (the neoconnerie are shown to be only a kind of liberal that way):
"[I]t's – it's done. It's – we're there. You start to see – the more times I have been to Washington, the more times you talk to somebody about, we have got to get money for AIDS orphans, or we have to get money for – whether it be any kind of response to any tragedy, often, the answer is, well, we're at – we are at war right now. A lot of money's going to war right now. We don't have – so – so, you start to look at it in a different way."
As for people like Anderson Cooper I’d have less of a problem with them if, as Mercer suggests, they’d come clean as good old-fashioned (rich) WASPs with a sense of social responsibility/noblesse oblige. In short be Christians and not parlour Marxists.

I won’t sign onto saying that colonialism was good for Africa*** but will join Mercer in praising Western values. It would have been better if Africa had followed through on the real meaning of the Statue of Liberty (nothing to do with immigration): that people adopt constructive change in their native lands.

*Though Marx and his friends weren’t exactly enlightened about race itself.

**Worth a look: Pat Buchanan on ‘an idea whose time has come’. From Katolik Shinja.

***I think she’s being provocative for its own sake here, maybe hoping for book deals like Ann Coulter’s.

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