Thursday, June 29, 2006

The guilt of the environmentalists
There’s stewardship of God’s creation — conservation and IIRC a good point of crunchy conservatism — and then there’s this

Lt Ehren Watada
The first US officer to refuse to go to Iraq

From LRC.

And from the LRC blog:

‘Sir, no, sir’
Part of what stopped the Vietnam War

Conservative Christians persist in their dangerous delusion that the United States is a Christian nation that will soon come to its senses by passing legislation in conformity with Christ's moral teachings. This means, inevitably, that they are willing to strengthen the control of Cæsar in exactly those areas of life where Cæsar's hand should never intrude.
- Dr Thomas Fleming

Like with the environmentalists, the destructive, sectarian, utopian dream of Plymouth Rock dies hard.

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