Sunday, June 11, 2006

If the state has gay marriage why not polygamy?
Exactly. Get the state out of the marriage business.

In the eyes of the church the state already licenses polygamy in the form of serial monogamy.

I understand that many of the few Americans polygamists are on the dole anyway.
Blogger and author Andrew Sullivan, who had the courage to advocate gay marriage at a time when it was considered pretty crazy, has called this the “polygamy diversion,” arguing that homosexuality and polygamy are categorically different because polygamy is a mere “activity” while homosexuality is an intrinsic state that “occupies a deeper level of human consciousness.”
What narcissistic tripe. Then again that way of thinking is archetypal/stereotypical of ‘gay culture’.

One way in which they are categorically different actually favours polygamy: the former is against nature and the latter not (it was practised in the Old Testament with God’s blessing, impossible for the former).

From Fr Joseph Huneycutt.

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