Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In ‘Fluffya’
A Latin people who ‘made it’ insult newly arrived ‘cousins’
The saga of immigration continues. Regarding the nativism, Signor Vento* should have a flashing ‘Huge Historical Irony’ sign over Geno’s. Those of us with long memories know that ‘wops’ were just as unwelcome.

The end of Transfiguration RC Church
Sad — this tabloid piece crosses the line from journalism into editorialising/advocacy but I like this:
If you are a knee-jerk Catholic who reflexively leaps to defend the church from any criticism, save it for someone who didn't spend 12 years in classrooms with nuns. They taught me that to be Catholic was to leave people somehow better off than we found them.
That applies of course to those who want to cover up the gay-priest scandal, making excuses for the clerics who did just that.

*An ill wind, or just a lot of hot air.

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