Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The mainline merger into mush marches on
• Note the misleading MSM headline. Real meaning: ‘Traditional Christians are mean to gays, which would be news indeed to Anglo-Catholics* I’ve known for up to 20 years. All are by definition welcome at a Catholic church. Even practising gays can come and pray, but not preach or receive Communion.
• The bit about the Presbys reminds me of seeing on the tele last night the amusingly surnamed Alan Cumming, possibly the world’s gayest Scot.
• Ed Pacht sums it up nicely: It would appear that the decision has been made to cut loose entirely from historic Christianity, and to be as offensive as possible in so doing. From this to invading Iraq, acting like some bratty teenagers... no wonder Europe thinks what it does of Americans.

*The site’s third most popular page for viewing and book sales, now slightly remodelled for your viewing pleasure.

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