Wednesday, June 14, 2006

‘A new day for Iraqis’
Samer al-Batal writes: The ‘girl blog from Iraq’ on Zarqawi and a tiresome, overused slogan
So now that Zarqawi is dead, and because according to Bush and our Iraqi puppets he was behind so much of Iraq's misery - things should get better, right? The car bombs should lessen, the ethnic cleansing will come to a halt, military strikes and sieges will die down… That's what we were promised, wasn't it? That sounds good to me. Now - who do they have to kill to stop the Ministry of Interior death squads, and trigger-happy foreign troops?
Samer: The man was likely more responsible for Shi’ite deaths than fighting American troops. (Not long before he bought it, he pre-occupied himself with bashing Hizbullah.) To add to that, armed violence in the country is decentralised, and so the poster boy’s demise should not be expected to hamper or put a stop to the ongoing attacks against military forces.

The bad company we sometimes keep in the anti-war camp
Samer: The gnostic reverend presents us with his concocted scenario of conflict between two polar principles: Unitarian tripe mixed with liberation theology’s worship of a worldly Christ vs. a mocking caricature of orthodox Christianity with its beliefs in the Church and its evangelical mission, salvation, and the divine Christ, the latter of the two packages in its genuine form being mistaken for something with which only Protestant pro-Bush neo-cons from the Bible Belt hold exclusive rights of association.

An anti-imperialist position and valid points on past mistakes involving the Church and the state as well as the cowardice of certain prelates today in the arena of politics don’t help in changing much of this from the load of codswallop that it is. [End.]

It’s like what’s wrong with Sojourners except I understand Jim Wallis is a Christian.

The world nuclear stage and non-proliferation
A glance by The Christian Science Monitor

Bill Buckley as a man, not a political pundit
Samer: Political differences aside, he has proven himself in action to be a good man and Christian, says Joe Sobran, inspired to write this column upon hearing that the man now has emphysema (Lord, in thy mercy: hear our prayer)

Gaeilge-related news for Daithí Mac Lochlainn:

Irish tongues are wagging in US classrooms
Samer: Interesting that it and Arabic share a common feature in the matter of possession: in the case of a definitive noun (referring to the possessed, or the noun not in the genitive case), the definite article is dropped, so ‘house of the man’, without ‘the’ before ‘house’. Also, like in Arabic, a common word order is verb-subject-object.

Pope: Rome and Constantinople, ‘truly sister Churches’
That’s pretty good except Constantinople isn’t a synonym for the Orthodox, like Rome is for Western Catholicism, any more than Bradford is for England or the UK. They’re a communion of churches with no capital.

Samer: Not so interesting as news, but there is a nice, almost paragraph-long excerpt from the Passion of Andrew, a 6th-century narrative

Google’s giant super-computing plant revealed

Britain: Nanny state’s Dad Pack
The boffins discover: to be a good husband and father, don’t have affairs while your wife is pregnant. Who knew? Now men can learn this from a taxpayer-funded information pack.

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