Wednesday, June 14, 2006

‘Nobody important — just another sand-n*gger’
The racism of the establishment right
"It’s just like the war in Iraq."

"How so?" I wondered.

"Well, on the news reports, they’ll tell us the names of Americans who died that day. Or, at least, they’ll tell us whether they’re soldiers or Marines or whatever. Then they’ll say something like, "The attack also killed 400 Iraqis."

Then the Rikers guard – a petite woman who looks young enough to be a daughter to many of these students – chimed in.

"So on one hand we’re being told they’re not important for us to know their names. But then the President and his people turn around and tell us that they’re important enough for our young people to die for."

"Just like the doctor
[in Nadine Gordimer’s The Town and Country Lovers]. He saw the girl as another colored girl. Yet somehow he was interested enough to **** her," added one of the youngest students in the room.
From LRC.

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