Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rod Dreher and Slate on Garrison Keillor
Saw the film. It dragged in places and seemed self-indulgent of Keillor and Robert Altman but Meryl Streep is still beautiful (and can sing, it turns out — Lindsay Lohan can as well) and Woody Harrelson and the other fellow singing ‘Bad Jokes’ captured the folksiness and snark of the show. I understand it all started as Keillor’s way of sorting out his provincial past by making fun of it but he and his act mellowed and it became a kind of tribute. I’ve read Lake Wobegon Days, heard fiddler Peter Ostroushko live (search the blog for more on both) and liked them.

Of course I don’t like Mr Bush’s presidency any more than Keillor does but can imagine the arrogance and implicit error that Dreher describes.

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