Friday, June 16, 2006

A traditionalist priest in Ireland on the right kind of ecumenism
Reform though can be radical even when authentic. We must all brace ourselves for immense changes in our relationship with the Orthodox for example. As undiplomatic a figure as Patriarch Alexis of Moscow has recently stated that Benedict will be the Pope whose “actions will become famous and will be remembered” for their positive effect upon relations between the two Churches. Too many traditionalists, precisely because they are not authentically so, see nothing but scandal here. On the contrary, the reunion of East and West is the most radically traditional program imaginable. Successfully accomplished, it would revolutionize the position of Christianity in the world and give pause to the secularists. These last are in triumphant mood, but they have met their match in Benedict.
Samer al-Batal writes: Wonderful! To see not simply tolerance and reserve, but hear an actual note of enthusiasm from traditionalists – not to mention a correction addressed to traditionalists with the wrong opinion – towards a plan of further improving relations with the East rather than finding them with the attitude of the Remnant paper lumping such a thing up under the label of ‘courting the schismatic enemy’ with the rest of the litany of complaints of scandal such as promoting homosexuality in seminaries* is music to one’s ears. This is more important because traditionalists open to the East are better relied upon to achieve progress on common ground with the Orthodox than the patronising gestures by Vatican officials who would like to see the Orthodox go the way of the Novus Ordo. The pope needs all the help he can get.

*And what that causes.

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