Monday, June 19, 2006

Ukrainian Catholic supremo still asking to be a patriarch
Search the blog on this subject and you’ll read: great for the internal affairs of the UGCC, terrible for relations with the Orthodox possibly scuttling corporate reunion. Simply put the UGCC doesn’t care about the latter, or really being Eastern, or obeying Rome: it’s all about nationalism (Galicianism really, as most Ukrainians are Russian and don’t belong to that church), simultaneously showing you’re neither Russian nor Polish. A spite religion.

Russian Church’s liberal bishop in the UK has switched to the Greeks
Again there’s the irony in dealing with these people that the most admirably fervent, observant and Catholic-minded like the ‘undiplomatic’ Russians are the ones who don’t want to talk to Western Catholics whilst liberals seem friendly but for the wrong reasons (erm, get a sick-bag and imagine a pseudo-Byzantine Novus Ordo celebrated by a woman: a microscopic number of nominal Orthodox sound like that). Happily, though, most Orthodox ‘liberals’ like the late, great Meyendorff and Schmemann were/are really simply mystical, charismatic (in a good way) traditionalists, right reactionaries compared to Western churches’ Modernists. (Example: The attempted ordination of women ‘is the death of all dialogue’.)

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