Friday, June 16, 2006

What mainstream RCs think of us
Here is the real story of the sincere but completely-at-sea Fr Ignatius and a picture. (He eventually was priested by the infamous Joseph René Vilatte who by then wasn’t Old Catholic anymore but a free-lance bishop, a vagante.)
• There is a penumbra of a scintilla of a point, and in 25+ years of doing this stuff I’ve seen and, early on, ignorantly fallen into overwrought piety, and seen religion abused as a mere expression of gayness, but abusus non tollit usum. (Maybe they didn’t teach Latin anymore at Mgr Stein’s seminary.)
• Unsurprisingly Mass-and-office Catholicism (search the blog) isn’t on this fellow’s radar.
• ‘Hasidic Catholics’? Devout observation of traditions fuelled by a charismatic (in a good way) joy? That’s supposed to be a putdown?
• Who’s been handing out the papal honours these past few decades?
• In fact I heard this stuff from mainstream RC priests 20 years ago. Some things never change. How reassuring.
Anglo-Catholics: they don’t want you. Stay put.
Let’s have a look at how smashing a success your renewal scheme has been, Monsignor (more).
• Mgr Stein sounds like he would have been happy in late 16th-century England except for all that highfalutin theology in artsy-fartsy language (like Shakespeare or something) in the Prayer Book and those pesky offices he’d have to read in church every day. ‘The Queen says “Renew! Be open to the Spirit!” or be hanged, drawn and quartered!’ Those were the days.
• Want mainline Protestantism dumbed down, without all that nice stuff, and maybe a couple of residual devotions to patronise the ethnics? Then Mgr Stein’s diocese is for you!

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