Tuesday, July 18, 2006

C.S. Lewis was not original
And that wasn’t bad, says An Anglican Cleric, incidentally a rather Protestant brand of Continuer, more pre-1800s High Church or pre-1960s Central Church than Anglo-Catholic*. (A dividing line: complete change of the elements of Communion, the Catholic position**, or bread and Body, something Lutheran-like?) As he’d describe himself, simply a classical Anglican.

No longer Catholic
Fr Gary Kriss, sometime dean of Nashotah House, on the state of the Episcopal Church and the Protestant character of much of the still-Christian Global South. (Somewhat mirrored by the chap described above.) He gives authority to my point that without state coercion the Elizabethan settlement doesn’t work.

Speaking of such matters...

An interesting back-handed slap
From a Broad Churchman*** (as far as I can tell still Christian and superficially traditional) who at least knows the Catholic position and when he wrote this was honest enough to say he wasn’t on board.

*Biretta tip to Brian Underwood for contributing subtle, more grown-up graphics.

**Even though it doesn’t use Aristotle when using only its own native terms and methods, the Orthodox tradition does hold to this despite what he claims.

***To give Derek due credit, in a way and perhaps because he’s Anglican he ‘gets’ Mass-and-office Catholicism and tolerant conservatism (search the blog for more on those).

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