Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ecclesiastical bibs and bobs
Where I’ve been

St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Reading, Pennsylvania
A sweet little parish church in an old industrial town: Ruthenian to begin with (as a framed list of World War II servicemen shows with surnames like Rusnak) but, surprisingly, revived today by immigration from Russia (including the rector!). Praxis that is both entirely Catholic and completely unlatinised as such places should be.

Primate of Greek Church to state of Israel: ‘Fear God’s wrath’
The apostolic ministry in action. From The Gaelic Starover.

My latest flame-war with a Broad Churchman
The Revd Todd Young. Too often when talking to liberals there’s not a whiff of the tolerant conservatism — search the blog — of Oxford. None of C.S. Lewis’ geniality. More like the angry gay* ex-RCs who dominate Fr Jake’s com-boxes.

Oh, dear, I think I’ve been told to go to hell, Broad Church fashion! (Update: Fr Young says that was not his intent. Accepted.)

A good bishop under fire
The auto-demolition of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion is under way. They had a good run, long enough to introduce me to the Catholic faith decades ago.
‘Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed’ as Fr Richard John Neuhaus wrote back in 1997. In the Episcopal Church it became optional, the beginning of the end, with the acquittal of James Pike in the 1960s.
• Bishop Schofield trained at the same theological college I went to, back when it was unequivocally sound. I can only imagine.

Incidentally, Clifton Healy seems to have a gift for talking to Broad Churchmen. (They accept him; I don’t know his track record for converting them!) I admit I don’t. Diverse gifts, diverse ministries.

The wit of William Swing
Lee Penn’s got him sussed. Gaia-worshipping or not, Latitudinarianism has been around a long time.
...with the intent to bring an end to the Episcopal Church.
You don't need the Continuum to do that, Bishop. All your people need to do is keep not having kids.
Mine eyes have seen the starter of a merger into mush...
Jesus junk
From people who think Catholic sacramentals are wrong and tasteless

And don’t forget the audio version: ‘Christian’ pop music.

From GetReligion.

*Here’s a good word from my com-boxes that applies to gay activists.

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