Friday, July 14, 2006

Moral derangement
A vicar of unblemished morals is deemed to have acted inappropriately with a grandfatherly kiss, but no one says anything about vicars (or teachers) living in open fornication. But that's no doubt because vast numbers of parents of school children are open fornicators. They may have no idea of the definition of the word (thanks to literacy declining at a faster rate than morals). (I should emphasise I know nothing about this mother, and would not be able to know anything, because her identity is never revealed by the media.)

When a society believes that it has the power or authority to say what is right or wrong, situations like the one in Tamworth are inevitable. By taking on board this "what's right for you may be different from what's right for me" everything and nothing is acceptable at the same time. By referring to the vicar's behaviour as "previously acceptable", the diocese of Lichfield reveals its own relativism. The behaviour was acceptable, is acceptable, and will always be acceptable, because it is acceptable to God, not the diocese, the police, social services, the LEA, or this deranged mother.
From David Holford.

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