Saturday, July 15, 2006

More from Beirut
Samer al-Batal writes: Pardon me for taking the risk of drawing a similarity that may be a little crude, but following the failure to obtain help in effecting a ceasefire after the Security Council’s session, I can’t help remembering Ethiopia’s plight with Italy and the late emperor’s futile plea before the League of Nations.

This has long grown out of all proportion and especially now to beyond the point where the most duplicitous liar can attempt to summon a rationale to explain how military operations are solely aimed at eradicating Hizbullah. This entire country is under threat. They’ve destroyed the lighthouse in Beirut and struck its port, along with the ports of other areas, including the city of Tripoli! This is no area that hosts either Shi’ites or elements of Hizbullah. They’ve reached all the way to the north! They’ve hit both wheat and water reserves, attacked the Lebanese army, and have committed atrocious murders, in particular the devastating attack on a truck of refugees fleeing from one of the southern villages. Those sorry creatures have been reduced to pulverised charcoal, and our eyes were not spared that picture. The images we are seeing deserve to break through the barrier of sanitised media, and I only hope they become available online somewhere, for this is no less than the devil’s handiwork. We are at the mercy of sadistic animals.

It is feeling critically less safe to remain here in Beirut for long! And they’ve struck routes leading to Syria, whether via the eastern border to Damascus or north to other areas of Syria. For this country, and for the containment of this danger so as not to engulf the region itself, not only pray, but offer up intentions on the altar. And do so now!

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