Saturday, July 22, 2006

On quality living: smaller but better meals
My wife recently discovered a book on the importance of portion control, and it would seem that the French are instructive in this regard. The French don't skimp when it comes to quality of food, but when it comes to quantity, they simply don't overeat as Americans and others do. They are generally a fairly thin lot as a result. Gyms are apparently somewhat rare in France, but walking and bicycling are quite popular. So, the author argues, eat well but don't eat much, combine it with moderate exercise, and you'll stay thin. No need for diets if this can become a lifestyle.

Anyway, as Rod notes, the price of good food is not so expensive if we learn to eat as intended, i.e., somewhat "ascetically" when it comes to quantity.
- From the com-boxes at Crunchy Con

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