Friday, July 21, 2006

The Orthodox tradition
What can one do about the two Orthodox denominations in the Ukraine?
Neither of which is the nationalist schism the president belongs to. As the Russian Church, whose Kiev metropolia* is this mostly secular, sovietised country’s biggest church, and the exile Russian Church Abroad (ROCOR) reconcile they will decide what to do about ROCOR congregations there and in Moldova.

Russian Orthodox in Kharkov demonstrate to protect their shrines
Which, given the schismatic Kyiv Patriarchate’s power (again, Western-backed Viktor Yushchenko is a member) and the Ukrainian Catholic Church’s aggression working against corporate reunion of Rome and the Orthodox by moving its metropolitan see to Kiev from Lemberg, is understandable!

From RISU.

*Understandably this site has no English version so Anthony Latta and the other person who reads Russian, whoever he may be, may enjoy this; as for the rest of you, sorry, I can’t help it!

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