Monday, July 31, 2006

Signs you’ve stumbled into an RC neocon blog
The spread of the war-without-end poison seems to be seeping into the minds of people who should, at least theoretically, know better... the troubling new phenomenon of conservative cafeteria Catholicism. The symptoms? Plaster your blog/website with lots of kitschy GIF and Flash doodads linked to EWTN, the Vatican, sundry pro-life organizations, Matt Pinto’s latest publishing project, etc.... and then say with a straight face how you’re “sickened” by the Holy See’s opposition to total war on the civilians of Lebanon and their infrastructure, how Benedict XVI better get with the neocon program of counter-jihad against global “islamofacism”, etc., etc.
- Anonymous submission

Endeavouring to remain clean, sober and Kool-Aid–free.

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