Tuesday, July 18, 2006

War ‘a gift to the world’
Daithí Mac Lochlainn on why Al Franken happened to be right about something
No history is provided, of course, because neo-conservatism is, by definition, ahistorical.
Of course I don’t want to remake the Muslim world in the West’s image by force but can show you one reason why I wouldn’t want sharia in ex-Catholic France:

Newsreader Mélissa Theuriau
She’s only above-average pretty really but the French of course are world-famous for having such beauty and using the art of fashion, etc. to perfect and celebrate it (I dare say even Karin Giannone’s jealous!)

Yes, yes, I know, custody of the eyes but Catholic cultures understand all that and still revel in healthy sexuality.

Who’d want to cover her up in a burqa?

Found her linked to the page with the 10 worst URLs ever, blogged earlier.

They may have the hottest TV talking heads but the country of Georgia (Грузья) still has got the best wine.

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