Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bibs and bobs
On judging another era by our standards
I think it was C.S. Lewis (Problem of Pain or Mere Christianity) who warned us not to think too much of our modern accomplishments and then think of those of the Middle Ages as violent, cruel and barbaric. Their sins may be trivial compared to our lack of courage, our craven devotion to comfort and things, and our vast pride in our own accomplishments. Chronological chauvinism at work.
- Rick Killough at Drell’s Descants

On modern credulity and hypocrisy
Oddly enough, these types of folks that don't see the action of the One True God in the sacraments have no problem seeing power in crystals and other New Age stuff.
- Steven Cornett at The Curt Jester

And some classic humour from Evelyn Waugh
I have noticed again and again that lay interest in ecclesiastical matters is often a prelude to insanity.
- Quoted by Fr Jim Tucker

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